Pricing is generally established on a project by project basis

Depending upon the clients needs, a lump sum, or a time and materials estimate can be provided.
To ensure a competitive and fair estimate, all pricing is determined using the latest edition of a commercially available estimating software.

 Using this software we have found that clients can feel more comfortable that the estimate is competitive with what other competent contractors in the Greater Grand Rapids and Lakeshore area are charging. 

The way we prepare estimates takes into account the difference between small and large projects.  We can incorporate volume discounts for large projects or lower overhead costs for small jobs.

Typical Labor Rates for Contracting are as follows:

Consulting/Engineering                                                                                      $75.00/hour
Environmental Site Work requiring  HAZWOPER training                                 $50.00/hour
Carpentry/Construction labor                                                                          $45.00/hour
Laborer/per Additional crew member(s)                                                           $25.00/hour

Residential Inspections are carried out on a lump sum basis they are typically $250.00 to $300.00 for a single family dwelling.  Multiple unit properties are an additional $50.00 per unit.